As a baker, I’ve always been inspired to share my passion with the world by trying new recipes and making desserts with love, served to others fresh out the oven. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they’re presented with a finished dessert or specialty cake makes me even more enthusiastic to share my craft with the world.

What began several years ago as just a hobby and baking for family and friends has since grown to become my passion and my first love. My baking company, Its Delicious Desserts, started in my home kitchen; now, I serve customers handmade desserts and custom cakes throughout the entire New Jersey and New York area.

If someone were to ask what baking means to me, I would tell them that baking is a form of self-expression; as a result, it’s very therapeutic for me. Baking continues to provide me with happiness and creative freedom, in addition to having the power to be my own boss. The act of baking has brought me so much comfort during difficult times throughout my life, and it’s enabled me to expand on many levels with the continued growth of the Its Delicious Desserts brand. It also allows me to continue to experiment, get creative, and try out new things in the kitchen!

Throughout my career as a pastry chef, I’ve worked in restaurants, catering companies, and five star hotels. Doing so has only enhanced my passion to create something of my own. Developing my own business allows me to share my passion with the world, all on my own terms. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that something as simple as a dessert can bring so much love to a family’s table, whether it’s my own family or one of my customer’s.